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Oh Dear, um i think beagles are more exhausting than kids, well for me anyway. Amy is 16 in a week or so and is never in, either with the boyfreind or working or college. Dan is 11 and is like his sister, never in, He is always up a tree or in a den or playing football ha ha. So now, i should be getting my freedom back but oh no, coz i got a beagle 18 m ago and it;s like having a toddler about the house again. She is still naughty and we always have to be on our guard for leaving things about that will get chewed, cant even leave her in the garden playing because as soon as i go inside, she starts digging up the new turf !! so basically she gets walked about 10 miles per day. this can include running along by the bike, leisurly walks, and free play with her ball or other dogs at the field. Meg will be 2 in July and shows no signs really of slowing down so i am preparing myself for a few more years of this before she starts to plod along. With Meg, she is either asleep or 100 miles an hour and no in between. Having said all this, i would never be without her, she is my baby, my best freind,my little angel without wings. A tired dog is a happy dog. i think training and agility would be good. And dont just give treats out for free, hide them, make him work to find them. Like the others said, if he is getting big, use part of his daily food as treats or veggies. Meg is still a skinny minny so it doesnt matter what she gets as she burns it all off again.

In the long run, kids grow up and move out, my Meg wont !!!!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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