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Well, first, I have an 18 month old son and I can say without a doubt - Kids are more exhausting than beagles!!! I have long thought dog ownership should be a prerequisit (sp?) to having children! It is actually pretty similar to me except that kids need even more (feed them, diaper them, bathe them, etc.).

That said, I also have a 1 y.o. beagle. Lucky doesn't seem to need a ton of exercise, I am lucky there (no pun intended!). Toby did, though, he was one of those that never got tired. He did grow out of it, though. Lucky just wants to pee all over the house and chew stuff up!

Lucky and I start obedience classes this morning. I would definitely look into that if you and Marbles haven't already done them. I have a similar issue with not wanting to yell because when I yell at the dogs, my son doesn't know who I am yelling at and sometimes it scares him, so I am trying not to yell, too.

Hang in there. Marbles will eventually grow out of it, in the mean time explore other options for discipline for him. I don't know much about shock collars, but I wonder if you talked with an expert on how to use them - can't you train with those???? You do have special circumstances with Snoopy and need to correct without yelling. I am just throwing that out there. I have no real clue about them, but would imagine you REALLY have to know what you are doing with them. I would also try obedience training first.

BTW, you will have those break-down crying moments with your human babies, too!! LOL!! I have had plenty!

Keep us posted...
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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