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There is hope! Maggie brought me to tears several times when she was that age. I think that just over a year is when I saw signs of her settling down. Obedience classes made a huge difference. When I want to get Maggie really tired I start teaching her a new trick. That makes her mentally tired and calms her more than even a long walk. When we finished obedience I bought a book of tricks and I pick something from that. I also have her practice all the things she already knows. We go through them fast and in random order so she has to focus. Sometime I just say let's work. She runs over (because of the treats of course). I say what can you do and she goes into a down or offers me a paw or gives a wave. She gets a treat and I say what else can you do and she does something else. Its fun to watch her face and see her thinking.
I know its tough right now but Marbles will settle down.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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