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Oh dear I feel so sorry for you, you have a demanding job and then a demanding pup. Marbles is still a pup and he has energy. Our first beagle, Bilbo, nearly drove us mad at that age she would destroy everything in sight, hardly ever slept and was really naughty. She seemed to know it and we could swear she was grinning at us.
However, it suddenly stopped. In Marbles case I would really advise you take him to agility. When they are mentally challenged it also wears them out. Beagles are hounds. Do you have a garden? You could also set up a small agility course there, tunnels, ladders, jumps etc. Do you jog? If so take Marbles with you, early morning depending on your shifts of course.
On the food side swap those treats for carrots (remove the green bit), excellent for the teeth. Some people use kibble instead of giving regular meals when training.
s far as kids are concerned I cant help, never had them. However, if you want 3 or more then you'll not be going to work, so maybe it will not be so stressful.

Dont give up, sounds like Marbles has found such a loving home. Snoopy is enjoying him I'm sure, Snoopy is just a quiet chap.

There is no point screaming NO at Marbles. A sharp noise is better. I think he sees himself as a dominant dog, he is YOUR boss and this has to change. Start proving to him that you are the leader of the pack. You can do this by starting off making sure you leave a room or the house etc first. Always make sure Marbles doesnt pull on the lead, he has to walk besides you or behind you. Dave has got Snoopy and Susi to do this and their behaviour has changed amazingly. They seem more confident now they see Dave as pack leader.

Good luck and keep smiling.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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