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I don't have any kids but my experiences with others peoples have taught me that I much prefer dogs, even young wild ones lol.

Marbles reminds me of my first dog Lilly. When she was between 12 and 18 months I was tearing my hair out with her. It's the adolesence stage when they just don't listen. But she did start to calm down aged about 2 otherwise I would never have considered getting Rosa.

It is also partly down to their temperament because Rosa was nothing like Lilly when she was at the same age. Rosa has always been an obedient dog.

Talking of obedience, I know we seem to be always going on about it but a good level of basic obedience makes a world of difference. Training is another way of making Marbles tired out because they need more than just physical tiredness to be calm, mental tiredness works just as well.

All the treats you are giving him could be actually making him hyperactive, just like sweets and candy do to kids. So it's worth looking into that and cutting down or substituting the treats for something more healthy.

You don't say how much exercise he gets but it takes rather a lot to make a 1yr old beagle tired. My hubby took the girls for a 7 mile walk this morning and neither of them seemed particulary tired when they got back. Rosa did go back to sleep but Sherry ran round the garden then chewed on her Nylabone for half an hour...and she is 10 yrs old.

With a dog like Marbles punishment and shouting at him all the time isn't the answer. He's clearly not listening to you and this is the same problem I had with Lilly. My trainer said I needed a different approach which was less me getting all flustered and shouting at her NO all the time and more re-directing the unwanted behaviour into a training exercise. It worked and I hope something does for you too.

Hang in there hun it will get easier in time.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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