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Kid vs Beagle..who is more exhausing?

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I do not have any children yet, but I want 3-4 kids....that was BEFORE Marbles came into our lives..hehe.

I LOVE him to death, but my god Im tired....he doesnt stop...

First, he chews and chews and chews...everything!!! And I have pig ears, nylabones, treats, kongs, ropes...everything I think is safe for him...he either goes right through it (he wants the squeeker but after he gets it I take it away for his safety, then he doesnt care about the toy) .....or gets bored and then he is TROUBLE.

Trouble meaning, he jumps on the table, gets into our gym bags, chews shoes, books, the counter, the computer cables, ect....went through 3 Laptop wires that cost so much $$$....so I know I should get the bitter spray but that is only half the problem..he seem so bored and I feel so bad.

I took them to do the dog park today AGAIN, and Marbles ran around like crazy...I take them for exercise to get them tired, but it is like it doesnt even affect Marbles..Snoopy, almost 4 yrs, just passes out...Marbles is hyped and is all over the place.

I love that he is still young (turned 1 yr last week) but my gosh if I cant keep up with him how the heck can I ever have a child?? Im so tired I can barely even post this.

Im not sure what to do...Marbles is only 1 yr old and a 13 inch beagle, and he is overweight already...about 32 pounds...so we give him treats to keep him occupied, but I dont want to do this b/c he needs to lose weight...but we have to do something to keep him active...so we give him pig ears and treats, just to sit down for 5 mins!...then he is at it again, then more treats, it is not a good thing for him.

any ideas....im so tired since ive had him the last 6 months, and it is not getting better..

He still jumps on the coffee table, doesnt respond to NO or me tapping his behind...he will stop then go right at it, right in front of me!!!!

..stubborn as heck..he has to know that my NO means NO but he will stop then go right back to my shoes (which I now keep in the closet) or go to anything different he can get to...he stops when I yell really loud, but then he goes back to the behavior...I have boxes sealing off parts of the house..

I just need to know...Is this his age at 1 yr still, or is this something Im doing wrong? If it is his age, fine, Ill deal with it, I love him but If it is something im doing wrong then I want to stop it now b/f it gets worse.

Im very hesitant about punishment b/c of my rescue, Snoopy b/c he is so terrified of humans that I never want to do that to Marbles, but i have sprayed Marbles with a water bottle and he doesnt flinch, but Snoopy just watching it cowers...it is horrible and I dont want to scare Snoopy and make him more fearful than he is in his happy, safe home with us...but Marbles has to know his limits...but even if I yell NO to Marbles, poor Snoopy starts to shake...this kills me...the last thing I want is to scare Snoopy...

Im in tears now writing this....I just want Snoopy to be happy and safe and I got Marbles to help Snoopy's confidence, but it didnt go as planned...they are totally differnt dogs, Snoopy scared of everything and Marbles scared of nothing..

How can I discipline Marbles w/o scaring Snoopy.

Im so confused on what to do!!
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Hey there.
First of all, I don't think you're doing anything wrong. Marbles is just 1 yr old. Beagles take a lil bit longer to settle down than other dogs. You need to be more patient with him.
I'm sure he'll calm down. Just give it a few more months

Oh and btw
I still think kids are more exhausting than beagles!
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I don't have any kids but my experiences with others peoples have taught me that I much prefer dogs, even young wild ones lol.

Marbles reminds me of my first dog Lilly. When she was between 12 and 18 months I was tearing my hair out with her. It's the adolesence stage when they just don't listen. But she did start to calm down aged about 2 otherwise I would never have considered getting Rosa.

It is also partly down to their temperament because Rosa was nothing like Lilly when she was at the same age. Rosa has always been an obedient dog.

Talking of obedience, I know we seem to be always going on about it but a good level of basic obedience makes a world of difference. Training is another way of making Marbles tired out because they need more than just physical tiredness to be calm, mental tiredness works just as well.

All the treats you are giving him could be actually making him hyperactive, just like sweets and candy do to kids. So it's worth looking into that and cutting down or substituting the treats for something more healthy.

You don't say how much exercise he gets but it takes rather a lot to make a 1yr old beagle tired. My hubby took the girls for a 7 mile walk this morning and neither of them seemed particulary tired when they got back. Rosa did go back to sleep but Sherry ran round the garden then chewed on her Nylabone for half an hour...and she is 10 yrs old.

With a dog like Marbles punishment and shouting at him all the time isn't the answer. He's clearly not listening to you and this is the same problem I had with Lilly. My trainer said I needed a different approach which was less me getting all flustered and shouting at her NO all the time and more re-directing the unwanted behaviour into a training exercise. It worked and I hope something does for you too.

Hang in there hun it will get easier in time.
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Well, first, I have an 18 month old son and I can say without a doubt - Kids are more exhausting than beagles!!! I have long thought dog ownership should be a prerequisit (sp?) to having children! It is actually pretty similar to me except that kids need even more (feed them, diaper them, bathe them, etc.).

That said, I also have a 1 y.o. beagle. Lucky doesn't seem to need a ton of exercise, I am lucky there (no pun intended!). Toby did, though, he was one of those that never got tired. He did grow out of it, though. Lucky just wants to pee all over the house and chew stuff up!

Lucky and I start obedience classes this morning. I would definitely look into that if you and Marbles haven't already done them. I have a similar issue with not wanting to yell because when I yell at the dogs, my son doesn't know who I am yelling at and sometimes it scares him, so I am trying not to yell, too.

Hang in there. Marbles will eventually grow out of it, in the mean time explore other options for discipline for him. I don't know much about shock collars, but I wonder if you talked with an expert on how to use them - can't you train with those???? You do have special circumstances with Snoopy and need to correct without yelling. I am just throwing that out there. I have no real clue about them, but would imagine you REALLY have to know what you are doing with them. I would also try obedience training first.

BTW, you will have those break-down crying moments with your human babies, too!! LOL!! I have had plenty!

Keep us posted...
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Manda, I honestly think he will calm down in a few months, a little at least. I'm with Buffy on that one!

I know you guys have long long hours shifts, and work around those, but you must find time once a day to walk Marbles a long long long walk, or even run with him (or you on a bike or something). Preferably in the morning, so the rest of the day he is exhausted. Maybe you can find someone to do it with him when you can't. Maybe after a while you can add Snoopy to the walks/run too.

Be strong!!
Snoopy & Marbles almost sound like my Shiloh & Shasta altho neither were a rescue. Shiloh just turned 5 earlier this spring. Shasta will turn 20 months in about 2 weeks. Things will get better. It won't happen overnite - hang in there. Shasta is still at the grab, steal & chew phase whenever she can altho I have noticed some lessening of it. Like you, I keep LOTS of things around for her pleasure - especially kongs because I know she is not going to destroy that and there are no squeekers for her to swallow. Oh, and those plush toys with the squeekers - well of course they are usually destuffed, sometimes within a few hours of when she gets it so when she does that then I just go ahead and remove the rest of the stuffing and the sqeeker and let her have the outer shell - she loves it, likes to toss it in the air & play catch.

Also, a suggestion - instead of using the word no - instead use a very brisk and short EH! or ACH! Dogs get used to the word no and end up just ignoring it. I know, won't they get used to those other sounds? My thought exactly - don't ask me to explain the reasoning but it works - at least it does for me. And even if you have to use the sound several times - you say it once, Marbles stops for a few seconds & then repeats then you repeat the sound. Marbles will eventually learn. As for treats - just use his regular kibble if you need to use a treat - reduce what you feed him at meal times. Another trick - when Marbles is doing something that you want him to stop - use the EH! sound. When he stops the behavior, give him a piece of kibble. Repeat this as many times as it takes to get him to stop. Marbles will learn that when he stops doing whatever it is that you don't want him doing - he gets a treat.
Like I said, hang in there - things will get better.
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You have had some good advice here.Marbles sounds very like my Basset Rupert.
I would definately look at his food.Give him no additives at all.
Rupert changed dramatically when we stopped them.Even his treats are additive free,he only has Jerky,Tripe sticks ans fish skin treats.
When Rupert was at his worst he wore a house line all the time and if he did something bad he was told leave and removed from the room via the line and given timeout.You must remember to praise him wnen he is good as well though.
Oh yes, like Vonny said, when Marbles does something right in response to you - do heap on the praise along with the treat. Marbles will associate the good behavior with the praise & treat. Eventually, you should be able to reward the good behavior only with praise and maybe an occasional treat. But our hounds thrive on our praise and interaction with them.
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There is hope! Maggie brought me to tears several times when she was that age. I think that just over a year is when I saw signs of her settling down. Obedience classes made a huge difference. When I want to get Maggie really tired I start teaching her a new trick. That makes her mentally tired and calms her more than even a long walk. When we finished obedience I bought a book of tricks and I pick something from that. I also have her practice all the things she already knows. We go through them fast and in random order so she has to focus. Sometime I just say let's work. She runs over (because of the treats of course). I say what can you do and she goes into a down or offers me a paw or gives a wave. She gets a treat and I say what else can you do and she does something else. Its fun to watch her face and see her thinking.
I know its tough right now but Marbles will settle down.
Sounds like all dog to me! My dog Annie had a LOOONG childhood too, and it was indeed tiring. She wasn't even a Beagle! I think she was two before she calmed down.

I wish I could give you some advice, but it's been so long since I've had a dog that I can only reiterate what the others have said; this, too, will pass! Marbles will grow up!

On a side note, if Beagles are less exhausting than kids, I think I'm well prepared! I often have to watch my 2 1/2 year old nephew, and he is downright exhausting! I love the kid to death of course, but I'm sooo glad that most of the time he's my sisters' responsibility!
Thanks guys for all the advice....sorry to let it all out like that, I was just so tired, and frustrated at what I could possibly be doing wrong.

Im planning my wedding right now, and every second I can sit down to work on it I try, but it is impossible until Marbles takes a nap...otherwise I type a word, then get up, type another, get back up..hehe (Rons here now watching them, that is why I can type!!)

I guess nothing will get done when a toddler comes around..oh well, I have a few more years to mentally prepair myself!!

...have to run, Marbles is now chewing a box!!

Oh dear I feel so sorry for you, you have a demanding job and then a demanding pup. Marbles is still a pup and he has energy. Our first beagle, Bilbo, nearly drove us mad at that age she would destroy everything in sight, hardly ever slept and was really naughty. She seemed to know it and we could swear she was grinning at us.
However, it suddenly stopped. In Marbles case I would really advise you take him to agility. When they are mentally challenged it also wears them out. Beagles are hounds. Do you have a garden? You could also set up a small agility course there, tunnels, ladders, jumps etc. Do you jog? If so take Marbles with you, early morning depending on your shifts of course.
On the food side swap those treats for carrots (remove the green bit), excellent for the teeth. Some people use kibble instead of giving regular meals when training.
s far as kids are concerned I cant help, never had them. However, if you want 3 or more then you'll not be going to work, so maybe it will not be so stressful.

Dont give up, sounds like Marbles has found such a loving home. Snoopy is enjoying him I'm sure, Snoopy is just a quiet chap.

There is no point screaming NO at Marbles. A sharp noise is better. I think he sees himself as a dominant dog, he is YOUR boss and this has to change. Start proving to him that you are the leader of the pack. You can do this by starting off making sure you leave a room or the house etc first. Always make sure Marbles doesnt pull on the lead, he has to walk besides you or behind you. Dave has got Snoopy and Susi to do this and their behaviour has changed amazingly. They seem more confident now they see Dave as pack leader.

Good luck and keep smiling.
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I think a HUGE part of the problem is we live in an appartment right now...we have a huge lawn area outside, but it is beside a street, and we all know that #1 rule of not letting them off leash...so I cannot do that at all....We almost bought a house a few times, but the market is bad for buyers in Cali, not only sellers, and we wont even look at a house unless there is a small plot of land

I grew up on a farm with my dogs always leash free so here in Cali, it is kinda mentally tough to grasp that I will never get that 5 acres for my dogs, but something to just let them run and play would be great

For the time...it is the dog park...and I swear, Marbles runs and runs, and it makes me so happy to see that...Snoopy just explores.

Doghouse, I think you might be right about the agility thing...I really have thought about it for a while...honestly, I think Snoopy would ROCK at it..but he is so scared of people that I just didnt persue it...maybe it is time

As for puppy training, I really need to get him into a class...but he already knows sit, stay, down.....He just doesnt know NO...hehe

...the funniest thing is he KNOWS he isnt suppose to drink out of the toilet, chew our Snoopy toys, put a hole in his $200 bed (worst mistake to buy ever!!)..he know it, he still does it...when I get up to stop him, I dont even need to say anything anymore, he hears me and stops..ahhhh...he KNOWs he is doing something wrong...little brat!!

I do think Pack Leader is an issue....we all have watched Dog Whisper right? You know those stupid people who treat their dogs like kids...baby them, ect...I kinda feel like that is me with Marbles, Like Im trying to make up for the fact Snoopy was abused and somehow Im over compensating with Marbles...it is a bad thing, and the fact that Marbles wasnt very loving at first, I think I over did it a bit....but NEVER to the point of those that had foo foo dogs on the show..hehe I really think that in Marbles' mind it is #1 Ron then Snoopy then Marbles, then Me...

Have to run again, he is chewing on wires...

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Oh Dear, um i think beagles are more exhausting than kids, well for me anyway. Amy is 16 in a week or so and is never in, either with the boyfreind or working or college. Dan is 11 and is like his sister, never in, He is always up a tree or in a den or playing football ha ha. So now, i should be getting my freedom back but oh no, coz i got a beagle 18 m ago and it;s like having a toddler about the house again. She is still naughty and we always have to be on our guard for leaving things about that will get chewed, cant even leave her in the garden playing because as soon as i go inside, she starts digging up the new turf !! so basically she gets walked about 10 miles per day. this can include running along by the bike, leisurly walks, and free play with her ball or other dogs at the field. Meg will be 2 in July and shows no signs really of slowing down so i am preparing myself for a few more years of this before she starts to plod along. With Meg, she is either asleep or 100 miles an hour and no in between. Having said all this, i would never be without her, she is my baby, my best freind,my little angel without wings. A tired dog is a happy dog. i think training and agility would be good. And dont just give treats out for free, hide them, make him work to find them. Like the others said, if he is getting big, use part of his daily food as treats or veggies. Meg is still a skinny minny so it doesnt matter what she gets as she burns it all off again.

In the long run, kids grow up and move out, my Meg wont !!!!
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Do you have a nice Doggy Day care near by? We used to take Sadie and Pooh to dog day care a few days a week when they were little. They loved it, they got to play with other doggies with supervision and they came home exhauated. It gave us a few nights of rest. The nights that they were in dog day care they were so tired, they would come home, go outside to pee, eat their supper and be asleep.
I second the doggie day care idea! It really does wear them out! It's great!!!
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