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Kenya's first training class

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We signed up for the 8 week Puppy Course at our local Petsmart, which was $109. We started with basic commands with the use of a clicker to associate the sound of a click with a reward when she does something we want her to do. Commands we learned were-

-Watch me
-Take it/Leave it
-Let's go

Kenya did pretty well for the most part. Good thing there were only two other dogs in the class (chihuahua, and lab pup), so Kenya didn't have too many other distractions that kept her from participating. She did have trouble with the leash walking portion of the class, well only because the aisle that we got assigned to happened to be the dog food section, and we all know it's always a battle between us and that nose of their's. All in all, I think this class will be well worth it.
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You'll get a lot out of the classes!

Murphy will graduate the Petsmart intermediate class tomorrow and it's been well worth it. We did both the puppy and intermediate classes. He'll now sit, stay, wait at a door, etc.

The instructor gets a kick out of us when we sit and stay. When I release him he comes over, sit's in front of me and we high five.

His high five is only a modified shake, but it's pretty cute.

I agree the classes are well worth it. I can't wait to hear of the progress you'll make with Kenya!
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