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Kennel Cough and a new puppy....

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My parents own a 9 year old Sheltie and she got kennel cough (vet diagnosed) at the boarding kennel. She was started on antibiotics yesterday (5/23), but my parents bought a new beagle puppy (they liked mine so much) and were going to pick her up tomorrow, she's about 8 weeks. Will the puppy be ok? She has had her shots. We would have called the vet and asked today, my sister took the Sheltie to the vet and forgot to ask yesterday if it was ok to pick up puppy, but today is saturday so no vet to call and ask!
Thanks everyone!
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Kennel cough is contagious to other dogs. I expect that, if your parents are getting a puppy from a breeder, the breeder would not want the puppy to be exposed to active kennel cough. If the sheltie just started antibiotics, I would think she would still be contagious. I would suggest that your folks call the seller and explain the situation and decide on an alternative pick-up date. Be careful not to expose your pup either!
I'd wait too. Kennel cough is easily contagious and until their sheltie has been on antibiotics a bit longer, I'd wait before exposing her to other dogs. I know it's hard to wait for your new baby, but you want her to be a happy healthy pup!
Yes I agree with Judy and Jen. Maybe if they can't pick the puppy up any other day, you can keep it for a while until the Sheltie gets a clean bill of health.
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