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keep your fingers crossed

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there is a lady nearby i have been communicating with the past couple of days who has a beagle/bassett. she wants to re-home her because she says her circumstances have changed and she doesn't feel she can give the dog the attention it derserves. she (the puppy) is 6 months old just like my sophie. she will be coming over for a play day soon to see how the 2 get along. if all goes well, there will be double the cuteness in my house!
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Oh that would be awesome. Good luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all works out in your favor.
All the best .
Yay and good luck!
Good luck! If it is anything like my Duke and Violet, they will be best of pals from the get-go!
How exciting -- if you can, take a pic during their play date to share with us -- I bet they will get along just great!
Will keep all fingers and paws crossed that the two do well on their play day. Part beagle and part bassett...what a great combination!
I think a beagle/bassett dog would be a great dog!It is what my son has always wanted. Good luck!
Hope all works out well for you. We had a beagle/basset when I was a kid. He was a nice dog.
Oh I hope that works out for you! What a great addition that would be!
Good luck! I'm so jealous! We met a basset at the dog park the other day. He and Squeegee got along great and I would love to get one! Please do post pictures if you can!
ok, so... her name (for now) is Treah. (tree-ahh)

she just got her about an hour and a half ago. her and sophie have become immediate friends. they are playing non-stop, and treah has made herself right at home carring sophies bone around. she buried her bone in my software cubby under this computer. for safe-keeping i suppose.

it is funny to watch them. at very first sophie was a fraid of her. after 5 minutes they began to play. sophie dominated treah because she is so much bigger. sophie was the pick of her litter, treah, the runt of hers.
once treah began to growl a little, it freaked sophie out and she immediately submits. now they seem to take turns.
sadly, us humans aren't getting any attention anymore

i tried t post pics in the small pic section but they want them to be smaller than i made them. here are the links to them at my photobucket page:

it would be soooo much easier if we could post images the way it's done in other forums.


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She's beautiful, and I love her markings!
It's nice that she and Sophie are getting along so well.

You can post pictures up to 650 pixels wide right here in Beagle Discussion by using <span style="color: #000099">File Manager.</span> The reason we prefer that you post from your files is that viruses have been spread by photo hosting sites.

Personally, I find posting photos from my files much easier than using a photo hosting site.
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She is beautiful, what a lovely cross. Actually Treah is more beagle than bassett.
Treah is adorable! So glad that the girls are getting along.

(I converted the pics for you using File Manager. As Sandy said, it is really easy to use. I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize my pictures, save the resized ones with new names (as you should save original ones for other purposes including submission to BW calendars) and then attach using File Manager.)
She is gorgeous! Glad to hear they are enjoying each other so much.

I know what you mean about humans not getting as much attention. That's how I felt when we first got Violet. She and Duke had such a great time together, that neither of them had much time for us! But, once the honeymoon is over, you'll find they will compete for your attention.
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