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I finally figured out how to post pictures...enjoy!!

This is my newest addition, Squeeker. She is only year old. She sqeeks really lound when she's excited. It's so cute.

The following pictures are of the first member of my pack, Jabroni. He is turning 3 in January. Once you meet him, you will understand the name. He will follow you around to your heels. Sweet little guy!

Next is Snoopy, the second member of my pack. He is 2 years old. He likes to get his nose into everything (including paint!!!) He is the quietest of all Beagles. I think it was at least 6 months after I got him before I heard his beautiful voice.

This is Sula, a painfully underweight German Shorthair Pointer, but still a great addition. I'm working hard in getting her to a decent weight. Poor little skinny baby!

Next is Lincoln. I love this dog to no end. Unfortunately, when I got him I was living in an apartment, and people were complaining about his size. Little did they know was that he wouldn't hurt a fly (maybe an intruder, but that is a reason why I got him. I live alone and wanted protection) He was so good to my little guys. I miss him dearly

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