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Just laying around together

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This is Sadie and Pooh Bear after chasing each other around the living room for a bit. Actually it was Sadie chasing Pooh Bear around barking at him trying to get him to chase her back. He just won't play like he used to when he was younger. They are both 7 years old:

Pooh Bear on the left, Sadie on the right panting
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don't ya just love the moments when they are entirely worn out and calm! It's like they are saying to you, whew I had a great time!
What a sweet pair! Sadie looks like she had a good time anyway. Our oldest is six and she has suddenly gotten very playful again. I don't know why, but I'm enjoying it.
Sadie has never lost her desire to play and be a wild silly girl. Pooh Bear rarely wants to be wild anymore, which I really wish he would.

Sadie will run up to Pooh and bump him with her butt. She will run right into him and bark and run round and round him trying to entice him to chase her back. We try to encourage Pooh to get in there and play. He will a little. But not like he used to.
Momof2, it's good to see your post, and the nice picture of Sadie & Pooh Bear. Does this mean that your problems with BW's being extremely slow have been solved?
It is still real slow at home. I haven't had time to get back with Cox High Speed Internet abut it. I just work around it for now. Like Open Beagle World and then go and check e-mails while I wait. I can get into it at work fine and it is nice and fast.

I'm certainly not going to quit coming to Beagle World. I love all you guys and your Beagles.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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