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Welcome!!! Murphy is precious!!

We have had Blue for a week now and he was 10 weeks when we picked him up. Today was the first day that he was home alone (Greg took last week off to try to train him). We chose to put him in a crate day and night since we don't have any floors that are safe for puppy accidents and we don't want to leave him outside in the winter.

Today we had a little problem in the morning. I didn't feed him early enough and he had several accidents in his crate before I got home at lunch. This afternoon was better though and he had no accidents at all.

He is starting to wake us up at night before he has an accident, but it has taken a while to get to that point. We are still trying to get up every three hours to let him out, but last night we were able to get four. :happyhappy: But we still have some trouble getting him to go back to sleep at 4:30 am and that is just too early for us!!

We put the crate in our living room as there is not enough room in the bedroom and we still don't know if my allergies can handle his dander in every room of the house.

Good luck with tomorrow!!!!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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