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afew from me,

crate train, anytime you can't watch him crate him.

restrict his playing area. Don't let him wonder the house alone even if you are in the house.

take him out often while he awake, after eating and drinking, an playing and sleeping.

clean up any accident well, i use miracle cleaner.

tire them out, they sleep better and don't start howling which down the road can lead to problems with neighbors.

praise him everytime he does something right, get back, lay down, potty, everything!

bitter apple is your friend if he is a chewer,

lots of toys for him to play with, and chew on. teach him what is good to chew and what is bad, when he chews on a furniture, pull him away and give him a toy to chew on, then spray with bitter apple on furniture.

Do not let him sleep on your bed, it will hinder the housebreaking process and as mentioned it will cause alpha domination problem.

Do take him out every 3 hrs during the night, 4 at the max.

keep mouthing to a minimum, they will mouth, but don't let him chew on your hand all day or it will cause alot of problems down the road.

that is all i can contribute right now, as i only had Dixie for 2 and a half week now, and she has started to learn that when she needs to go potty, she goes to the door and sits down.

Everytime i take her out, i say Hurry potty, Hurry potty over and over again til she goes. then i praise her!

I keep her on a 6 ft leash when we are just doing potty, and i got a 26ft leash for her to play. makes it easier for her to understand what i expect of her at that time.

as for at night, just put him in there and let him cry alittle after you took him out for potty. if you go back to him every time he whines, it will get worst as he associate whining with you coming to him.

start teaching commands, they will get better associated with the wrods if you start young,
here is afew sites to help with training,


decent reading material,

hopes this helps!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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