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When I got beasley (10 weeks old), she went into her crate from day 1. It was nice because my girlfriend is a teacher, so she had the summer off and was able to be with Beasley for the first few weeks. But since then, Beasley has been in her crate during the day, and all night, and she does very well.

I take her outside about 7:00am for potty, feed her right after that, get ready for work, then take her out again around 8:15. Then she goes into her crate at 8:30 until my GF gets home around 3...then she's back in her crate around 10pm for sleep...overall, it seems to work really well. No accidents in the house since we first got her, and she will always let us know if she needs to go out.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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