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Hi there and Welcome...!! :happyhappy:

First of all...do not get fooled by the sleeping and low energy, they turn into super energetic balls very quickly...

Both my husband and I work and are gone for the whole day...one thing we did do was crate train our dog...and make sure you have a schedule set up for Murphy...schedules really do work in the long run...also we have our neighbors’ daughter come home around 3.00pm in the afternoon and let our dog out..i am not sure if you have someone who can do that...but when we got Dex...the first week i was at home and tried have the same routine that he would have when we were gone...Dex was able to hold it for about 4 hours when he was young, and now he can go almost 8 though we never go that long and have someone leave him out...Dexter was very easy to housebreak and I think we got lucky with him..we had a bell on th porch door and we would ring it every time we took him out to relive himself..else he would be in his crate or in the house (only under supervision)...It would help if you maybe took him for a small walk in the morning so he is tired and would sleep most of the day (since you guys have awsome weather year around..that would be perfect)...but do have someone come over and let him out if you are going to crate train him...

I would not let him on the bed but let him sleep in the crate in your bedroom..it will help later with dominance issues...also remember that this is a very good time to socialize him with other dogs as well as strangers (we are kicking ourselves a little bit for not doing that)...

We also found that Dexter chewed through everything and kong balls as well as bitter apple (to spray on things we didn't want him to chew) helped a lot...obedience training is almost a must cause he will soon start to test you...

Congratulations once again on picking a beagle...we have had Dex for over a year now and cannot imagine life without him,..everyday is an adventure...good luck and keep us posted!
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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