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Jumping up

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Thanks so much for all of the responses you guys are giving... we've never had a Beagle before and it's great to have some people with experience on our side!! We want to start training Squeegee (my husband owns a window cleaning company, hence the name) to not jump up. What methods can we use other than saying no which I have discovered does not work!
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Teach Squeegee (love the name!) to sit. Every time she comes to you have her go into a sit and give her a treat when she does it. Eventually, she should learn that she gets rewarded for sitting and gets nothing when she jumps. Turn away from her and ignore the bad behavior, reward the good. Jersey is great at this when we go to day care. She knows that if she sits and doesn't jump on the girls, they give her a treat. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to understand this same concept when I pick her up.
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