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Judy, how's Maggie doing?

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Both you and Maggie have been on my mind, and in my prayers. Is your sweet girl doing any better?
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Hi, guys! Sorry I haven't posted an update and I feel bad when I can't keep up with all the posts -- I didn't even know Chloe & Moose were missing until after they were found! Okay, the latest ... after getting all the results from Dr. Oliver at UTenn, I had several questions so decided to e-mail him. Lora had advised that she had e-mailed him with questions about Tippi and he had answered her so I figured I would give it a try. I e-mailed him Saturday and had a response first thing Monday morning. Very impressive! He answered all my questions, attached an article for me to read and then hit me with more news ... he had re-reviewed Maggie's test results and he believes that she has "regular" Cushings with an overlay of "atypical" Cushings -- a double whammy!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif One of the parameters of "atypical" is that a dog's cortisol level is normal (whereas that is the hormone that is elevated in "regular" Cushings) -- one of my questions was, since Maggie's wasn't normal, what did this mean -- guess I'm glad I asked ... Because Maggie's estradiol is extremely elevated, we are still going to proceed with the melatonin implant as a first step (since Lysodren doesn't have much effect on estradiol). Dr. Oliver said that, if there are not significant improvements in four months, we need to switch to Lysodren.
Because Maggie stopped eating the canned food, the vet had me switch to poached chicken and plain white rice with some of the canned food mixed in. Good news: Maggie ate out of her bowl for the first time in weeks and ate every single bit! :thumbup:
She had a full blood panel yesterday and tomorrow I take her to the hospital for another ultrasound and liver biopsy. Dr. Oliver said that both the repeat ultrasound and biopsy were needed to look at disease process since January and to make absolutely sure there are no adrenal gland tumors. I am going to give Maggie a sedative when we leave the house and they will keep her medicated all day and then give her heavy duty pain meds after biopsy and for me to take home. Hopefully, this will avoid another anxiety attack like she had last time from the pain. If no adrenal gland tumors, I expect we'll set a date to have the implant put in -- it is similar to a microchip.
I'm exhausted -- stress from all this is catching up to me but my pup needs me to keep going forward so that's what will happen! I'll let you know how tomorrow goes -- thanks for all of your concern. P.S. RC -- Bernie is adorable!!
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Thanks for the update, Judy. I'm sure I speak for everyone at Beagle World when I say we're all sending prayers and healing thoughts to both you and Maggie. It's good to read that she ate well, and hopefully, she will continue to do so. Hugs to you and tummy rubs for Maggie.
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