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I hate sinus infections. When I was in college I had one every three months. (there must have been bad air circulation at the school) Eventually my doctor couldn't give me antibiotics anymore because I was becoming immune to them.

Caesar and Sox know when I'm not well (either emotionally or physically) and they'll snuggle up to me and never leave my side. Sox's vet told me that animals know when you walk through the door exactly what mood your in. On Sunday night I found out that my best friends brother died and I was a wreck. I think Caesar was trying to cheer me up because he got into the bathroom and stole the toilet brush. Then he ran around the living room like a lunatic with this gross toilet brush in his mouth. :pukey: He would stop every minute or so to see if I was still watching him. Normally I would have taken it away from him but I wasn't in the mood.

I love my fur-kids! :heart:
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