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Our air conditioner has been broken for 3 weeks now, and the installation of a new unit is scheduled for next Wednesday, which will make it an even month since we last had cool air in most of the house. That story is long and awful and full of repairmen who misdiagnose and install the wrong size coil, home warranty companies that are a little unhelpful, and lots of sweating for us humans and panting for the dogs. At least it's only been up in the 90s for the past month, and one day, the high only got up to 82; it was like a vacation.

We finally found the camera battery that's been missing in my boyfriend's luggage ever since he took a trip a few months back. So now you get pictures of our long-suffering pups!

1. A picture of Spock from happier, air-conditioned times. I say happier, but he'll lead you to believe we don't ever feed him and gave all his favorite toys to his sister.

Bones stations herself at one of the front windows, trying to catch a cool breeze while defending the house against passers-by.

3. Spock tries to take things in stride.

4. Bones has given up.

5. Ha ha. Joke's over, mom. Turn the air back on.

6. This is your brilliant plan for keeping us cool? Hmm... actually, it's not so bad.
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