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It's Not Too Early To Think About C'mas

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Hi, all! In my on-going effort to make sure that I am not the only BWer spending money on beagle stuff, here is a great website for holiday beagle stuff:


Each group of items has a link for the shop selling them so there is an endless amount of possibilities!
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Judy, Thy name is Temptation! :lol2: There are so many cute things on that site. Maybe I'll send the link to family members in case they don't know what I might want. :exactly:
Judy! Why do you keep doing this to us!? LOL! I was just online looking at vacation packages to Europe and Hawaii...I'm never going to be able to save enough for those trips if I keep seeing all this cute Beagle stuff. Although, I do have a birthday coming up soon!
Quote:Originally posted by BoulderBeagles:
I already have my Beagle Christmas cards for this year.
Kathleen: Only reason I don't have mine yet is I'm waiting for the American Humane Association to come out with their 2007 cards. I used all mine up last year -- looking forward to new ones!

Also, guys, if you scroll all the way down the page on the link I posted, there are links to every type of beagle item you can imagine and, on each page at the bottom, are current items on eBay.

Jen -- I think you ought to plan your trip and then bring back beagle momentos! A two-fer. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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