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It's my bed !

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said Dillon, but Basil was having none of it.


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LOL! Too funny.
I love Basil's look back at you in the second photo -- it says it all!
Oh, that's priceless!
It looks like all worked out well, though.
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Too, too cute!
I've been out of it for too long. Who is Dillon? He's adorable!
How funny. I am having so many giggles here today.
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I love to see doggies cuddled together. Great photos...thanks for sharing.
That is great, lovely photos.
That must be a Bassett Hound thing...LOL... I'll be in my chair with two dogs on my lap, and Gabby will climb aboard like it's no big deal...:). Dillon looks like a very happy hound!
LOL!! We just added another beagle to the family, and my older beagle is giving me the same look when she tries to fit in the same bed as he does! But then they come to a truce and snuggle together. Love it!
Dontcha just love it when they share a bed that's too small for more than one.
Well now, thats a sight.
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Who's Dillon? He is so cute!! Those are great pictures. The expressions on both Basil and Dillon's faces are priceless!!
Ksycamore, Genie.
Dillon is Lisa's mum's Bassett hound, if you remember she had Harvey but he went to the bridge. We had Dillon stay with us for a few days.

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