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Is this normal?

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I am home on vacation this week, so for the first time I get to spend a big chunk of time with Marley during the day. Well, he sleeps sooooooo much. I am sticking to the schedule of when he is home alone, except that he is crated no where near as much, and we get to play more. I am up at the same time, he eats at the same time, and to bed at the same time.

When he gets up, he is still yawning, but is energetic and plays. Then within about a half hour of eating, he is napping. Then he's back up and I take him out, play, half hour later, he is yawning to signal that he needs another nap. He's still sleeping 7 hours at night, so I would guesstimate he is sleeping about 18-20 hours a day.

Here's my question...do they really sleep this much at 4 months old? How much do these pups normally sleep?

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Yep that's completely normal. As long as when he's awake he's lively and wants to play and isn't lethargic then he's perfectly normal. Puppies, like human babies, need plenty of sleep.

Dogs on average sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day dependent on their age, breed and lifestyle. A pet will sleep much longer than a working dog simply because it's allowed to.

They sleep if they are bored too because what else is there to do but hey that's gotta be better than chewing your house and home up all day long :rolleyes:

Rosa seems to sleep forever if I let her but would gladly go on an 'all day' walk too. Sherry doesn't seem to sleep as much but if I tried to take her on an 'all day' walk she would be exhausted. So they are all different.
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