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If it's not important what she is, but a good dog...that may have to be good enough. Our first beagle came from a lady that said and advertised beagles for give away...the mother was a beagle, we saw her. The other pups looked like beagles at 8 weeks...and Chipper definitely looked like a beagle puppy. He was the tiniest, so we didn't know what size he would turnout to be.
As he got older, and bigger, we noticed longer ears, a stouter body with more muscle mass, and shorter legs. hmmmm. This didn't look like a beagle. But he was such a gentle soul, very good, well trained, and eager to please and to love, to mind and to give love. Who cared? We finally saw a purebred Bassett, and compared the two...talked to a person who lived down the street from the breeder (said tongue in cheek) and she had a basset male that she says could be he father...so we changed his breed to a Bagel and were so pleased with our choice. He may have been the runt, but he turned out to be quite a big boy for a beagle. The vet said he weighed almost 32 lbs when we had to put him down. He started out at about 5 lbs when we got him at 8 weeks, also.

Love her, train her, and that's the important things.
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