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Remember beagles were hunters first and have the "member of a pack" thing in their little mind. So when you got him you made him a member of your pack. With the "pushing of the buttons" he is challenging your right to call youself the leader of that pack(dog thing)and if you are the leader can you handle the job. After you show him that you are not giving an inch he will settle down. This is not to say he "stops" all his getting into trouble ! He is a beagle and that's his job. Getting into so kind of mischief. And believe me when I tell you that years from now after reading all the puppy stories on this forum. You will wish your little 4 legged buddy was a puppy again and only remember the good times that cover those hard times. Hang in there! :thumbup: :thumbup: Outcome is well worth it !! :happyhappy:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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