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Hi! Please don't give up and although it's easy to say "don't feel guilty", keep in mind, that you are dealing with a dog, not a human. I started feeling guilty every time I didn't give Brie her way. Then one evening my husband, Ron, took her upstairs with him, to give me a break. She pushed every boundry you could think of and the whining and crying nearly broke my heart, but after about 20 minutes, I peeked in and there was Brie, curled up in her crate, right next to Ron while he was on the computer. When it was time for her walk they came downstairs and she walked right beside him with her tail wagging and out they went. I learned that I had to let Brie know that I was the boss and the sooner she learned that, the happier we would all be. Don't get me wrong, I still get the "guilts", but when I do I just tell myself that Brie has to have rules and structure if we are going to be a happy family. It's definitely not easy at the start, but if you keep at it, things will get easier and the 3 of you will be happy. Hope this helps.
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