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OMG... I totally know how you feel.

DO NOT GIVE UP....you will lose the best thing in your life...why do I say this, b/c we have totally been there.

We got Snoopy from a shelter, he was abused, beaten, horrible looking, but we took him in

He had horrible seperation anxiety, we used Comfort Zone all the time, we got calls on our phone when we went to dinner that our dog was barking b/c of the anxiety.....he eventually got over it..he had to!!

Why? B/c my now FI wanted to give him back to the shelter and there was no way in hell I was going to do that to him..how could i? We almost broke up b/c of Snoopy...There was NO WAY I would do that to a dog...never....so I left one day with Snoopy said to now FI that I would not give up the dog and I would leave...My bags were packed!!

Today......My FI LOVES Snoopy....adores him, he is the 'baby'...you just have to hold on, let them grow...he will be the best dog ever.

You guys just have to get through it together...giving the dog up is not the answer, it is not right..you have no idea how good this dog will be in a year...hang in there..

Manda, snoops and marbles
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