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I am introducing myself and my boy, Dillon, who is my beloved tri-colored male beagle. I currently live in Southwest Florida and been here for the last 10 years. Dillon is my 2nd dog and he already is the best dog in my life. My first dog was a mix-breed female border collie or Austrailian shepard. My dad thinks she was more Aussie than border. I had her for 13 years. When it was time for me to get a new dog 3 years ago, my parents prefer cocker spaniels so at first they wanted me to go to Ft. Lauderdale to adopt a cute 1-year old male cocker named Winston. At that time, I had volunteered some of my free time working for Dr. Randall who is a vet at a nearby animal clinic. I changed blankets in the dogs' cages and washed them, also washed the dogs' dogfood bowls and silverware that were used to mix dogfood, made sure all the cages had water bowls filled with water, took the dogs outside to the backyard behind the animal clinic to let them go to their bathroom and let them walk around a bit out there for fresh air and little bit of exercise. Anyway, I told Dr. Randall that my parents were going to take me to Ft. Lauderdale to adopt Winston. Dr. Randall said, Richard, don't go to Ft. Lauderdale. I will give you one of mine to show my appreciation for all the hard work you have done here. I said, Really? He said, Wait here and I will have 3 dogs prepared for you to pick 1 from. I waited a few minutes after Dr. Randall told a worker to prepare the 3 dogs. When the dogs were ready, they led me to an outside room that connected the kennel to the main building. When I arrived there, there were 3 dogs, a beagle, jack russel, and some other breed I can't remember. When I laid my eyes on the tri-colored beagle, I instantly fell in love with him because his tri-colored face so closely resembled my first dog. I asked some questions like what's his name, his age, his sex, etc. I learned he was only 1 year old and his name was Dillon. He looked so cute I instantly wanted him. They said he was a rescue and I asked what they meant by rescue. They explained that someone found him somewhere and brought him to the animal clinic where Dr. Randall took care of him. At first he looked a little bit underweight but they told me not to worry about him being underweight because he was gaining weight at the time I adopted him and would continue to build up his weight to his normal weight.

I adopted Dillon that day and I was so happy because I knew he was going be a good dog. My parents were not too thrilled to hear I got a beagle instead of that cocker they wanted me to adopt. At first, Dillon was a bit nervous because he had a new home to get used to. It took him at least 3 days before he was finally a happy dog. I took him to visit my parents and they absolutely fell in love with their new grand-dog. Next month, I will have had Dillon for 3 years and he will be 4 years old on October 6, 2008. I love my boy so much and he is the best dog in my life. Once I learned beagles have that sweet friendly deposition, I will never switch to another breed again. Beagles for life!

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