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Introducing Penny from New Zealand

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Here are a few pictures of our Penny Beagle. She is our little girl and has brought such joy to our lives.
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Penny is adorable! I love the pic of her with paws up
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How adorable, that third pic is great!!
That third picture makes me think, PRAISE JESUS! lol

The pictures are adorable.
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Thank you everyone! We certainly get a lot of free laughs from Penny - she is such a character! I have been having a sneak peek at all your beautiful Beagle Babies on this site they are all so beautiful - I am convinced that Beagles have been put on earth to make us humans smile! What a great gift they bring us!
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Very true, they do make us smile
and laugh too.
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You know, as a pug tried to viciously interrupt our walk today by attempting to charge at Quinn and me, I thought to myself, why on earth would anyone want such mean dogs? I love how kind and gentle my puppies are.
Could she be any cuter?! I can't even decide which pic I like best!
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