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Introducing Lucky

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Our story is one of sadness, Lucky came to us by accident. He was abandon by his owner in a park next to my home. My home sits on the edge of a park and my kids and I heard a dog howling, after about three hours of this we went to investigate and found this tiny puppy leashed to park bench.

He was so happy to see us, I figured his owner had to come and get him soon. But another two hours went by and it was getting dark in the park so I decided to take the little fellow home and left a note on the bench for the owner to call my cell #.

The next day we posted some home made flyers around the park and mailboxes..etc..etc.etc…Five days went by and not a single call from the owner to come claim him. I am a single mom with two kids and the last thing I wanted was a puppy in the house. He had already chewed up my son’s slipper, not to mention the pee everywhere. I decided I was going to call the local animal shelter to come pick him up.

Well when I sat the boys down to tell them what I was going to do they were devasted. Needless to say I couldn’t go through with it and we ended up keeping him. The boys named him Lucky and he has been with us for about a month.

A trip to the vet found him in good health, they figured he’s anywhere between 4 and 6 months old so I’m going with the middle # of 5 months.

To say I am unprepared to have a puppy would be an understatement and I have the chewed up shoes and furniture to prove it. But we love Lucky and want to make our home his home so I am here hoping to get some tips from this forum.

Sorry for the long boring story.

Donna & Lucky & The Boys.

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A sad story with a happy ending. Lucky is truely luckly that you found him. My Maggie is also a master at stealing and eating things but at nine months I am seeing great improvement. You will find support and lots of good ideas here.
Welcome, Donna and family (including Lucky)! Not an unhappy story at all - Lucky was truly lucky that he has found his forever home. He is really cute! His puppy antics are just that -- he is really not purposely trying to ruin your household goods (hard to remember when you are looking at a shredded shoe). I am the mother of a senior rescue, Maggie, so can't offer too many helpful suggestions regarding puppy behavior but you will hear from lots of other folks who have puppy experience. You might want to post your questions in the "discussion" section -- when you have a chance, you can look at some previous threads. There have been quite a few about puppies lately. Am curious if you are planning on crate-training -- I didn't with Maggie but will definitely go that route with future beagles.
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What a cutie he is! :wave:

Like they say the animals pick there humans and he was ment to be yours!
When Lucky came to us he had the run of the house. I only figured on having him a day or so. But when I came to the conclusion he was here to stay I had trouble breaking some of his bad habits.

Some major improvments, like he no longer sniffs under the table during supper time. He stays quiet in his spot until we are done and than call him over.

Crate training is something i've started to do now, he howls all night long if he is away from the family. But in a cage in my room he does much better. Plus the cage rattles when he moves and that wakes me up forcing me to take him outside. No accidents during the night.

Am I boring everyone ? I feel like I am talking to much.

And by the way after a month, we feel we are the lucky ones. He seems eager to please and learn...good sign right ?

Donna and family
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Welcome to BW. You are not boring anyone, please tell us about Lucky and his antics. Lots more photos please as well. He is a very lucky beagle to have found such a good home. The crate in the bedroom sounds like a very good idea. You will soon have a house-trained beagle. Any advice you need just ask away and its best to do this on the beagle discussion section.
Good luck :happyhappy:
Quote:Originally posted by Lucky777:

Am I boring everyone ? I feel like I am talking to much.
You would never bore us talking about Lucky -- that is what we are all about - "talking/listening" and learning about beagles!! Please continue to share with us and we all love pictures -- since many of us have senior beagles, we get our "puppy kicks" from everyone's puppy pictures.
Welcome to Beagle World /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Lucky learned to chew when he was teething, with a little effort, it should be easy to divert his attention to more appropriate items. As Lucky matures, many of those "less than appreciated" puppy actions will be memories but a beagle retains the adorable puppy qualities like being loyal, playful, devoted to his pack (You and your children) for his full live. While there are a few like me that only rescue adults, there are far more who have experienced the pain and joy of puppyhood on this forum. My current rescue beagle was tied to a tree outside a kill shelter so the previous owner could avoid a $5.00 drop-off fee.
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What sad story but it is good to see Lucky is getting his happy ending. I got my beagle at 6 months and he was a handful to say the least. With persistence and patience the training does get better. Good luck and we look forward to hearing more stories and seeing lots of pictures!
Welcome to the BW pack!

Sad? Not at all. It has a happy ending... for Lucky anyway. And the story continues.

If you don't want it chewed, keep it out of reach. Obedience training is a must and will make your life much easier.

Keep us up on his antics.
Welcome Donna and Lucky!

When I saw Lucky's picture, my heart melted. Then I thought about the monsters who abandoned him...way up north in January???? How inhuman!

On behalf of Lucky, Henry and I would like to thank you for saving his life and allowing him to stay and be your little boy. He would say it if he could.

I have personally found that dogs are aware when a person saves his life and they spend their life in endless gratitude. They really do know....

I promise you that in spite of the coming trials and tribulations that come with having a new dog, and a puppy at that, when you are at your wits end, just look at his face. You will want to love him instead of scold him.
Welcome to the pack! :wave:
And congratulations on your new puppy. It breaks my heart to think that someone could just abandon a puppy (or any animal). He really is lucky to have you. As far as chewing goes, we bought Bitter Apple (or Bitter Yuck) from PetSmart. It's great! We spray it on anything that we don't want Caesar to chew on. And Beagle stories are never boring (probably because having a Beagle means never being bored!). We love to hear about everyones Beags and love pictures too.

Lot's of belly rubs and kisses from me and Caesar!
Welcome from me & my Lucky! Having a beagle is quite a joy but comes with many frustrating moments. I have Lucky in training right now and he is doing very well. I recommend it for every one! And trust me, you can never bore us with your stories and of course we love pictures!
Welcome to beagle world !! :wave: Not at all a sad story. a very happy one for an appropriately named puppy. What an adorable puppy. He is indeed very lucky to have found his new family. A big aroooo from Hunter and Casey.
Heck if it's stories and pictures you need that i've got lots of those.

Getting mad at Lucky is an impossible thing to do. He gives me his innocent puppy look while the chewed up slipper is still in his mouth and still I can't get mad at him.

Maybe I should open a slipper store...I could make a fortune selling them to Beagle owners.

First, your story has a very happy ending, not sad at all. And boring??? Never! We love to hear about Beagle's and the silly things they do. And Lucky is simply precious! I can relate to the "puppy eyes". Jersey still does that and I just melt.

Now, for the chewing. Jersey is about 19 months old, so I've been going through the puppy phase for the last year and a half. First, go through the house and look at things like Lucky would. For the first year, I kept nothing at Jersey's level. My apartment didn't look great, but my stuff (well, some of it!) stayed safe. I kept an ironing board up just to keep things up and away from Jersey. I don't have any kids, so that was a lot easier for me than it will be for you, but Jersey pretty much learned that the stuff on the floors was hers. Of course, now if something stays on the floor where she can get it, I often lose it! We still have a few chewing accidents, but that's usually my fault for leaving things where Jersey can reach them. You can buy the Bitter Apple spray at the pet store. It's supposed to deter them from chewing. Jersey liked it and would lick it up. I've heard some people use cayan pepper too. I never tried it though.

I know it's hard now, but it's so worth it after they grow up. When they cuddle on the couch and snuggle at night...well, there's nothing like it! Stay patient and be consistant with everthing...from food & walk schedules to what he's allowed to get away with. Like Murphy's Dad said, obedience training will be a huge help. Jersey came along so much just from a basic puppy class. She learned who the "master" was. Good luck, and never worry that you're asking too many questions. We love to talk about our Beagles and help others with theirs.
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Welcome to Beagle World, and thank you for giving Lucky a loving home. :wave: My Li'l Girl is a rescue who was at least a year old when we adopted her, so we didn't go through the puppy stage. Our youngest dog, honorary beagle Spook, was about the same age as Lucky when my husband found him along the highway in October, 2004. We weren't prepared for a puppy either, and although Spook didn't chew up too much, he did destroy my glasses. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif I'd forgotten that things couldn't be left in reach of a puppy. Will be looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading more about Lucky. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Ooohhh, he's so cute!!! Well.. He's been really lucky to meet you /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif And you'll be a wonderful mom for him, you just need time. Luce too ate everything in the house.. Once she almost broke even a radiator.. But then we learnt to close the doors and to change place to the things she could reach, and it all became easier.. Be patient, and be sure that he loves you with all his soul /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Welcome to you, Donna and little Lucky!!! :wave:

You can never bore us by talking about your beagle or posting his pictures. The more, the better!!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

Boeing and his mom, Pat
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Quote:Originally posted by Lucky777:

Maybe I should open a slipper store...I could make a fortune selling them to Beagle owners.

I stopped wearing slippers. He would literally pull them off my feet. Now I just wear socks, they're harder for him to pull off but he still tries! :hi:
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