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Inside or out?

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Just a base line question, do dogs belong inside or outside? do you think it depends on the climate you live in?
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Well I did speak with the fiance then, he wanted to know why I kept crying and got upset every time we were talking!
So he gave his mom an earful. Although he is not as much a dog lover as I am, he knows they are a part of his family too, no matter how much they drive him crazy trying to get petted all night long, lol. So we are going to compromise. I do need to get them in to a groomer and get them scrubbed up and a lot of the excess summer hair taken off, and get their nails trimmed. and my 11 yr old son has been informed that the vacuuming at least in the living room needs to be done at least every 3rd day or so. (they shed a LOT) He isnt happy, but with me going to nursing school 4 days a week and working 12 hour days at work 3 days a week, I generally have homework or studying to do and not the time to do as much of the cleaning.
Thanks for weighing in beagle world.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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