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Inside or out?

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Just a base line question, do dogs belong inside or outside? do you think it depends on the climate you live in?
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Ive been there. When i brought my beagle home i was still living with my parents. My mum was not to pleased & in the end it drove me out & i got my own place. Your dog is like your child & people who dont own dogs do not realise this. Letting your dog have some outside time is no different to sending your kids out in the garden to play, it shouldnt be looked upon as a punishment unless you intend it that way. My dogs do as they please if the back door is open which it always is on nice days or they just ask to go out if it is closed. Poppy certainly likes to lay in the sun were as my rott preferes to be in the cool shade. Oh & when I left home my mum soon warmed to Poppy & she now comes round & takes her out & even has her when we go on holiday's.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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