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Inside or out?

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Just a base line question, do dogs belong inside or outside? do you think it depends on the climate you live in?
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I didn't vote because IMO its each to their own. Everyone has different living situations too which change where their dogs are most of the time.

My big male is outside 90% of the time and my other two dogs chose to be outside majority of the time too. As I speak, Daisy is outside right now playing with a toy.

I know people who have outside dogs but they make the time to do things with them daily - training, exercise, cuddle time etc - and the dogs have a great life. Some of them show and do other dogs sports too so their dogs lead a very fulfilling life.

When I'm not home the dogs are always outside - however we do live in a climate that means this is possible all year round.
I think dogs a pretty good at climatising. I live in Australia and own a Siberian Husky - the breed is pretty common over here because their double coats act like insulation and allow them to climatise easily. My beagle is pretty unaffected by heat (we have a good outside set up, a decked area and our yard is very shady) but feels the cold, even though here we don't get a proper winter. She has lots of doggy jumpers!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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