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Inside or out?

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Just a base line question, do dogs belong inside or outside? do you think it depends on the climate you live in?
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Our dogs definitely prefer the climate-controlled indoors. We don't have a situation where it would be safe to leave them alone outside. Plus, we have a climate where much of the year it's too cold for beagles outside. Even indoors, they tend to stay under blankets in the winter.

The poll is interesting, because the choice of dogs are part of our family does not specify indoors or outdoors. BeagleWorlder's are a biased sample as well -- those who don't interact with their dogs probably aren't members.

I agree with Smeagle. The important issue is how much time you spend with your dog. And to answer Judi's original question, yes, climate has a lot to do with the indoor/outdoor issue.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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