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Inside or out?

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Just a base line question, do dogs belong inside or outside? do you think it depends on the climate you live in?
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Jersey is strictly an inside dog. She loves to be outside but is happy to lay on the sofa in the air conditioning as well. However, we live in Florida. Leaving a dog outside is really not an option climate wise. At least not if you ask me.
OK, not to sound harsh but...it's your house, not your future mother-in-laws house. You wouldn't go into her house and expect her to change her ways, right? She should give you the same respect. Talk to your fiance's doctors. Get their opinion on how the dogs impact his health at this point. If his other lung is healthy and he doesn't have asthma or allergies, I don't see why there should be an issue. I know she's just doing what she thinks is best for her son, but she can't make you miserable in the process. What does your fiance' think too? If the two of you don't want to send your dogs outside to live and there's no risk to your fiance's health, well then....
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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