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Inside: Good Outside: Bad

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When I take Dillon out to do his quickie pee, he sometimes will walk around to the backyard to pee and when he returns to the front with me, just before reaching the stairs, he finds a nice sunny spot in the grass and lays down there. When that happens, I have a hard time commanding him to get up and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor where we live in. When he's inside the condo, he's usually very good at obeying me but when it comes to being outside, it's a whole different story because he flat out ignores my commands out there.

Do any of your beagles have this same attitude, too?
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If Beaglina thinks that a walk was too short sometimes she'll sit down in protest when she realises that we're heading back home - and she's also the same in that she loves being outside and sunbathing!
Believe me, if I had a fenced-in back yard or a house that had a fence that surrounded the entire lot including the house, I would love to let Dillon hang out outside anytime he wants. It is very unfortunate that we live in a condo community that although it does have a backyard security fence but it's not completely fenced in. Therefore, I am forced to keep Dillon inside all day long. Only time he gets to go outside is when it's time for him to go to his bathroom and going on his evening walks.

I also take Dillon to a local dog beach park where he always has a blast playing with other dogs and swimming with me there every 2 weeks.
A beagle refusing a command? Say it ain't so!

Murphy would do that all the time. We would make the turn for home and PLOP! He would look at you like... NOPE, NOT HAPPENING! After a few minutes we convince him to go our way.

Now in the back yard, all I normally do is whistle, and they come running.
When Duke is in the backyard, he doesn't listen well when I want him back in. Violet will come, but not Duke. Sometimes I even have to resort to bribery.

Day before yesterday, we had friends visiting and both the beagles ran out the front door when they got here. Luckily, they didn't go far, but it still took 5 minutes to wrangle them up. *sigh*
Sure, ours love to lay in the sun. And yes, it is hard to get them up and going if they want to lay in the sun for a bit. We are lucky enough to have a large fenced in back yard though.
Lucky can be quite a pain to get to come in from the backyard. I will call him and he will either ignore me or look at me like I am not ready yet. If he does come in, he just rings the bell to go back out soon after if he wasn't ready to come in!
We live in a condo too and therefore our gang doesn't get a lot of lay in the grass time either. Booker always has an agenda about what she wants to get out of each walk, and if her expectations are not met (the actual expectations will depend on the walk and her mood - it might be a long roll in the grass, or a trip to the pet store, or whatever she decides in her pretty little head she wants to get out of the walk) she will simply refuse to walk towards home.

Besides getting firm with her (which can lead to her getting annoyed with us - see the holding a grudge thread), what I have found will sometimes work is to suggest to her that when we get home she will get a cookie or, depending on the time of day, dinner. That is often enough to get her to accept that we are going home - although of course we do then have to live up to that promise when we do get home because she will NOT forget it!
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It just happened this morning at the dog park.
He knew I was walking to the gate leaving. A couple of times he would follow. But this morning, nope. He looked at me serveral times knowing I called.

At home in the yard he is fine, come when I call. Any tips?
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