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In good shape

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A trip to the vet yesterday, Charlie gets a comprehensive treatment 2 times a year. Catch up with the shots and a good check up. Still the 26lb he is, very healthly! :bounce:
But he was soooo stressed out that he had a little bit of the runs. He just hates going to the vet! :animal18: Wouldn't get out from the car, then when he was out, he wanted out of the clinic! His tail all tucked in. I'm sorry, something mom needs to do.
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Good for Charlie! His size is very similar to Duke's. We don't go back to the vet for a few months, thank goodness. His first 3 months with us were full of vet visits (and an emergency room trip because of something he ate...ugh). So I think he has gotten used to his vet's office.

Last 2 times we took our lab, Cassie, to the vets, she had accidents in the lobby. She's 12 y/o and never had an accident anywhere we took her, but she had an infection on her paw and I think that made her more anxious than normal.
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