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In good shape

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A trip to the vet yesterday, Charlie gets a comprehensive treatment 2 times a year. Catch up with the shots and a good check up. Still the 26lb he is, very healthly! :bounce:
But he was soooo stressed out that he had a little bit of the runs. He just hates going to the vet! :animal18: Wouldn't get out from the car, then when he was out, he wanted out of the clinic! His tail all tucked in. I'm sorry, something mom needs to do.
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So glad to hear that Charlie got a clean bill of health! In spite of the many, many vet visits that Maggie has had, she still goes inside and runs to the receptionist to get her treat -- even if she has refused to eat anything at home! Maybe if Charlie has a favorite treat, you could sneak some to the person at the front desk ...
Glad to hear that all is well with you Charlie. Jersey doesn't like the vet's office either. She looks for the nearest way out and keeps pulling on her leash trying to get to the door.
Charlie, Li'l Girl says to tell you she doesn't like going to the vet, either. She gets anxious and drools so much that I have to get paper towels to wipe the floor. It's something we moms have to do to keep you healthy, and it sounds like your mom is doing a really good job. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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