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Jersey got like that for a while too. She'd only eat when she got really hungry, maybe every other day. I was going out and buying canned food, adding some ground beef or chicken, gravy...whatever to get her to eat. Finally I'd had enough and decided she was going to eat her food. I stopped adding things to it and within a couple of days she starting realizing that was all she was going to get and ate it. I've started adding a small amount of canned food again and she's fine now. We had a little setback when she started her anxiety meds (loss of appetite is one of the side effects), but we've gotten through that now too. My suggestion is just hold your ground with Mizu. He'll learn that if he's hungry and needs to eat that what's in his bowl is all he's going to get and he'll eat it. He won't let himself starve.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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