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I'm burrying it!!!

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Today I was having some cheese and crackers for a snack. I gave Jersey one of the crackers. Well, she decided to save it for later I guess, so she did her fake burrying thing with it. She dug her hole in the rug and then used some stuffing out of a toy that was on the floor from earlier to hide the cracker. It was too funny. Silly Beagle!
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I read in one of the several Beagle books that we got from the library that sometimes Beagles bury food or toys they don't like... Maybe Jersey was saying "I want the CHEESE!" /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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My Belle does that too. Her favorite hiding spot is under the extra pillow on the bed. THAT'S especially fun when the mystery smell hits in the middle of the night. There have been times I've lifted up that pillow and found all kinds of fun surprises. Of course, when I find them, she gives me a "that's where I left it" look, and picks it up to find a new hiding spot.
Heheheh...that's cute!! The only thing Boeing does with his food is EAT it :rotflmao:
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