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today i woke up and when i looked outside i knew the rain was coming soon. i decided it would be best to get the doggies out and back in again quickly. after they did their thing, we were nearly back to the front of the bldg when a thunder clap went off. both dogs immediately went into panic mode, their eyes got huge like anime' catoons and they (no exagerating) peeled out all the way back into the building, around the corner to the elevator door.
well, i couldn't help myself and i laughed all the way back to the 4th floor.

seriously though, one thing i have noticed lately is sophie has suddenly become a total scairdy-cat and i don't know why. she is now even afraid of traffic noises. used to be in the morning, i would barely make the grass in front of the bldg before she relieved herself. now her tail is tucked under real tight all the way down the block until we get off the main street into the park. twitchy isn't like this. sophie has only been this way since she was spayed. is it possible she somehow connects the noise with the pain somehow, in her doggie mind?
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