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I think my puppy is sick

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Yesturday Shane was home from work so he spent the day with Caesar. He noticed that Caesar was very lethargic, just not his usual active self. He laid on the couch all day and didn't eat or drink anything. His food and water dishes were still full from the morning. He wasn't even excited about his cookies! He did go outside and do his business in the morning. At night I say "Caesar it's bedtime" and he runs into his bed because he knows that he gets a cookie if he goes into his bed. Last night, instead of running to his bed he got up and hid behind the sofa. I had to pick him up and put him in bed. We decided that if he was still acting like this in the morning I would call his vet. This morning we got up and he had eaten all of his food and drank all the water so we thought he was feeling better. Again we fill the food and water bowls with breakfast and right now it's 7:40pm and they are still full. He hasn't peed or pooped since this morning. He seems to be acting normal but he isn't eating. We all know that's normal for a Beagle. Tomorrow morning I'm going to call the vet even if he does eat and drink tonight. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
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Oh no, Charlie is always hungry, yes, vet trip is good idea. Can you just call down, I know each visit can be costly.

Charlie mom
I fed him some pieces of apple and carrot (his favorite). Then he went into the kitchen and ate his whole bowl of food so I let him outside. He came in about 5 minutes ago all fired up! He's running and playing and barking. He's back to normal. I don't understand it? I'll still call the vet in the morning and keep a close eye on him.
Is he teething? Sometimes that will put them off their food for a bit and often they run a slight fever and just don't feel well.
Georgia did that just recently...after a day or so, she was fine. I don't know what the deal was... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
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Glad he seems better. Its such a worry. It would be easier if they could just tell us.
Any possibility of arthritis bothering Caesar? I apologize but I don't recall how old he is. When Maggie's arthritis (in back knees) is bothering her, she will stay real quiet, not eat, etc. After a couple of days on Deramaxx, she bounces back.
We called the vet this morning and they told us to bring him in. He was his happy-go-lucky self while there...sniffing, barking, playing. He doesn't have a fever but his tummy is inflammed. The vet says he's eaten something that he shouldn't have and it's inflammed his tummy. So he needs to be on a bland diet of boiled extra lean ground beef with white rice, small servings through out the day, until he has 3 solid poops per day. Plus he's on Apo Metronidazole, Amoxicillin and Zantac. I thought Zantac was a stop smoking aid? Anyways, he's eating his beef and rice, started drinking water, and seems to be happy especially since I'm making valentines day cookies and he keeps trying to eat them. :heart:
So glad to hear that vet was able to determine Caesar's problem and get treatment started right away -- our pups do like to eat anything and everything, don't they! Zantac is an anti-acid medication which should help calm his tummy. Gentle hugs!
Poor Caesar! Minus the amoxicillan, that's the same cocktail of drugs that Jersey was given back at Christmas when she was sick. Like Caesar, our vet guesses that Jersey's beagley nose led her into something bad for her. I fed her a bland diet along with the meds and she was back to herself within a day or two. Give him an extra belly rub from us!
Hope Caesar is soon back to his old self. Beagles will eat anything and everything, it is surprising they are not sick more often.
Just read the post and want to say I am glad Caesar is feeling better. Hugs and kisses from Hunter and Casey.
I'm glad to hear nothing is seriously wrong with Caesar! I'm also happy to hear he's back to being himself!
So how is Caesar doing today? Are the diet change and meds working? I hope he's feeling beter!
We have to give him only small portions of food at a time. And this is terrible. He is so hungry that he cries! I feel like such a bad Beagle mom. But I don't want to give him too much and upset his tummy even more. I give him carrots to snack on between feedings. He's been on the meds since Saturday and he still hasn't pooped. He's peeing though. Maybe I should call the vet again.
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