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When I'm playing with Dillon and his toys, he makes me laugh so hard. When my hands get within a few inches from the toys, Dillon very carefully has a bull's eye on my hands when they're so close to his toys. When I grab his toys, he'll snatch them from my hands then drops them as if he's saying, ok Dad you can have my toys. But as soon as my hands get within a few inches of reaching the toys, he aggressively lowers his head to protect his toys. I laugh when he does that. I tease him when I move my hand to under his belly on the floor and he carefully tracks down that hand movement then he playfully attacks that hand and while distracted, I snatch his toy with the other hand. When he catches his toy being pulled away, boy, he'll let go of my hand that was used to distract him and go after his toy that is dangling from the other hand. I'm over 230 pounds and I gotta tell you the truth, he is damn strong for a beagle. I mean I'm on my knees playing with him and he can physically knock me over by aggressively jumping forward and putting his paws on my chest. That causes me to lose my balance and I fall backwards onto my back. He is very surprisingly strong for a 35-pound beagle.
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