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I just can't decide!!!

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I can't decide whether or not to get another. One one hand, I think it would really help with Squeegee's separation anxiety and would give him a playmate. On the other hand, I know it will increase cost and make things like walks, runs, out of town visits, vet visits and bedtime more difficult. I'm totally torn

I did inquire about a number of dogs and have heard back from one lady. She is about 3 hours from me and has an 8 month old Beagle (exactly the same age as Squeegee) who she found on the side of the road about 5 months ago. She said that she gave the dog to her mom who is elderly and her mom has not been able to excercise her or play with her enough. She said that the dog is very sweet but that she didn't realize how much energy she would have and feels like she would do better in a home with a playmate. Here is her picture, her name is Tasha.


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She is adorable! Speaking from my own experience, getting another beagle was the best thing we did. In terms of adjusting, it didn't take us long at all, we were lucky. Roscoe accepted Cole and Cole took over the house...

They act like brothers, they play, they fight, they play again, they fight again, then cuddle up and sleep together! Its great.

We haven't noticed a big financial change. Yes the initial visits, shots and neutering cost a bit but after that, assuming all is well, we buy one big bag of food that lasts a month and whatever else we buy is optional.

You just have to be committed to it before you decide and if you are, go for it! Good luck with your decision.
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Traveling does become more difficult if you have more than one dog. We only go places that we can camp and that allow dogs so the four of ours can travel with us. As for expense...yes the vet visits are more, but mine are all healthy dogs so other than routine visits and shots, we have not had any large expense.

I think you will learn that having two can definitely help you in many ways. I don't know that it will get rid of Squeegee's SA, but it might. It will definitely help the two of them get rid of a lot of energy with each other rather than you.

Tasha is beautiful. I'll keep you in my thoughts and send wishes that all works out for the best whatever you decide.
Tasha is really pretty. Getting another pet is a big decision. Its good that you are really thinking it through before deciding.
What a pretty pup. If you can and want another one, and she fits and gets along with Squeegee, go for it!
Originally Posted By: Chloe's MommyWhat a pretty pup. If you can and want another one, and she fits and gets along with Squeegee, go for it!
I agree...plus she is sooo cute
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I agree! Let them meet and if they get along go for it!
She looks like a little treasure and very calm which would be a help with the SA.

I think two beagles are great. I have two greyhounds and a beagle so that makes things challenging with travel, finances etc. An under 50 pound dog is much cheaper that 50 and over! Meds are more, flea preventative more and hotels don't often take large dogs.

As for a playmate its awesome. Molly just started to play with Andy and its adorable.
She is gorgeous! I say go for it! Maybe the woman would be willing to let you do a trial basis for a week and see how it goes. If they get along, then she can permanently be yours.
I agree with the trial basis if possible. Tasha is lovely and Squeegee would probably find it good fun to have a mate.
She is just beautiful!! I will say that I might have re-thought a second beagle if I had known we wouldn't be able to give both dogs a fenced yard. We were moving and thought we were going to be able to have that when we made the decision to get Lucky. Because I also have a toddler, the second dog has made walks and traveling a lot more difficult (only two hands and a small car). Toby and Lucky get along great and I always wanted to get Toby a mate. Everyone's situation is different, certainly, but I wanted to toss out the more difficult points of our particular situation in case any of it matches yours!!
She is a beautiful dog.

We just adopted our second beagle as a companion to our senior statesman, and while the adjustment between them was seamless, I also had to re-housetrain the new one and get her into the same routine. That didn't take that long (maybe a week) but there's definitely an adjustment period, I think, even if they get along great.

As far as costs, I don't think it's a huge difference if they are both healthy.

Best of luck with your decision-making!
Tasha is very pretty. I love the freckles on her feet!
She is beautiful! Would be really hard to resist. We took in a stray (mutt) until we could find her a home. She was a great dog and we considered keeping her but without a fenced in yard it was a chore trying to tie both dogs out to do their thing. If I had a fence...look out. I'd have a pack!
She is so adorable!!!!
oops... this is Erin.. didn't realize I was logged in under Jason's name...
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For my 10 cents ---- when you have one, two is no big deal, when you have two, three can't be much worse. Yeah, the expense and time is a deal breaker sometimes....but they are my kids and I can't turn them away. Still looking for #3. Give it a try and see what works!
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