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I hope this works - Meet Molly

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Molly is 3yrs old and the love of my life (well next to my fiance I guess !)

She came into my life when she was 4 mos old when my fiance rescued her from a local pet shop where we're sure she was being abused. And now knows nothing but love and comfort - she is definatley a spoiled pup; but I wouldn't have it anyother way.

Looking at all the other adorable beagle photos makes me want another !

I look forward to sharing more pics soon

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Awww... Molly is adorable, she looks extremely cuddly! :angel:
Molly is a beautiful beagle. I know what you mean about wanting another. I think it is an addiction.
Welcome to you and Molly! I'm so glad to hear that you got her out of that nasty store. Curious what pet shop as I am just up the road from you in Riverview. My best friends live on the island so am quite familiar with your area. Looking forward to lots more stories and pictures of beautiful Molly!
Tell your fiance' thanks for rescuing that poor baby from that "pet" shop.

I believe that considering pet shops have no adoption policy and will sell to whoever has money...pet shops should not be allowed to sell live animals.

That goes for gerbils, hamsters, mice, birds, lizards, frogs, turtles, ferrets, cats and dogs.

Just my opinion. :angryfire:

A big BeagleWorld welcome arrroooo to you and beautiful Molly!
Im really new here....so I hope its okay if I just jump in ! Hi miss Molly
A big welcome to Beagle World. Molly looks adorable.
I've been having so much fun joining in on all the discussions and looking at all the beautiful beagle pics - I neglected to say Thanks to Everyone for welcoming Molly and I to the group! :smack:

I can't wait to get a new camera so I can get some new Pics of my girl up!
Thanks Again for everyone's help - especially on getting her photos up the first time - that was a tough one for me!
Molly is a very pretty beagle baby! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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Hi Molly,

I think you joined first so not sure who should welcome who here, but WELCOME.

Molly is gorgeous. Her face reminds me of my Marley.
Hi Molly and welcome to the troop!
Molly is really cute!! Welcome to Beagle World to both of you!! Thank you for rescuing her from the pet store. I imagine she was abused--probably not intentionally, but I don't know if most clerks in pet stores really know or care that much about animal welfare.
She is so cute and I love her name.
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