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I have reched my boiling point

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If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. I adopted Sweetie Mid November. She has been fairly shy. She has now fallen into a routine but her manuerisms (sp?) are getting worse by the day.

Each morning she sleeps in bed until noon. I usually end up telling her to come out which she does. She walks in fear down the hall then runs out the door.

She used to stay out maybe 1-2 hours? then would either come back in or stay out until our walk in the woods which she loves.

She used to run to me to get the leash on and we would go. Now I cannot get her to come to me and it is getting very aggrivating. If I call her she looks at me then looks elswhere.

The other day I had to pick up my step son. I could not for the life of me get her in the house or near me.

I don't chase her, but even ignoring her is not working. I know this probably does not make sense so ask questions! I have hit boiling point and am ready to leave her out almost round the clock which I rather not do.
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The shelter put her at 4 years. Treats don't work for her. Tried that, but thanks for the input!
She is submissive with me. She is just flat out panicked. If she is in the living room she "hides" her head under a blanket or lays behind me.

You are right though....She DOES NOT listen....I am worried being to stern will make her more scared.

My husband was just stern with her making her sit in the living room with all of us. She starts shaking violently and licking her jowls.

Like I said, it seems to be getting worse (the recluse behavior)
Thank you for the advice everyone. Today she was much better until walk time. She was running around like a puppy wanting to play (meaning not coming on command). My hubby cornered her behind the shed so she would come to me...then the pannick set in.

She did come to me but ended up cutting her nose and the corner of her eye.

I really can't explain her! Sometimes she acts like a puppy throwing a fit (leash chewing, not coming when called etc)....

On the other hand she has a deep fear of everything. I think it is time for some obedience as well as love. I do know what to do.... if you are too stern fear sets in so I am unsure on how to find the happy medium. I will keep you informed on her progress.
No one had any info except she was housebroken and could sit stay come and get in her kennel on command. She didn't know any of that when I got her. I think someone made a poor excuse to take her to the shelter. Someone adopted her for 3 weeks prior to me and returned her. That is all I know.
Thank you everyone on your advice. Last night we paid no attention to her unless she came to us.....BIG DIFFERENCE. She also walked through the front door with ease. Hopefully that is a step in the right direction.

I will keep everyone posted if there is a change in behavior over the next few weeks. I will take action on the advice given. Wish me luck! LOL
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