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I have reched my boiling point

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If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it. I adopted Sweetie Mid November. She has been fairly shy. She has now fallen into a routine but her manuerisms (sp?) are getting worse by the day.

Each morning she sleeps in bed until noon. I usually end up telling her to come out which she does. She walks in fear down the hall then runs out the door.

She used to stay out maybe 1-2 hours? then would either come back in or stay out until our walk in the woods which she loves.

She used to run to me to get the leash on and we would go. Now I cannot get her to come to me and it is getting very aggrivating. If I call her she looks at me then looks elswhere.

The other day I had to pick up my step son. I could not for the life of me get her in the house or near me.

I don't chase her, but even ignoring her is not working. I know this probably does not make sense so ask questions! I have hit boiling point and am ready to leave her out almost round the clock which I rather not do.
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It sounds far more like fear than dominance to me. Do you know her history before the rescue centre? We have two ex research beagles and they were very nervous when we first got them. All they wanted to do was sleep and be left alone. You havent had sweetie long, so let her have more time to adjust. Shut all the doors in the house except where you are sitting. Dont force her to come to you for cuddles, try to ignore her, but if she does come to you then gently stroke her and put your arm round her. She loves walks, that is great, make her sit whilst you put her harness on and tell her ' walkies'. When you return home, let her stay in the garden if she wishes. Let her sleep half the day if she wishes, ours did, eventually she will feel safe in your house and want to be with you. once over that stage you can start training her, but dont rush things.
I have to repeat, give her time. Dont chase her or corner her, that will make her panic. Today has probably made matters worse, but I know you mean well. So please dont panic and take things a step at a time. Does she go to the toilet in the garden? Then let her. I fear she has some past experience that will take time for her to get over. First step is for her to trust you. Read my message above. We have been through this with our two rescues.
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