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NW are you close to Moscow, ID? I'm in Colfax - not far from there. I don't have pups at the moment - but MAY have 2 litters in the spring - just depends on how it goes. Before anyone jumps on me, I am a HOBBY breeder of dogs from great field lines. My male's parents are both IFC and he has MANY field and international field champions in his line. The female also comes from great field lines, and they produce excellent pups. I have an internet friend who is so impressed with their pedigrees that he wants to field train 2 pups for me (from this next litter). I have 3 of their "babies" - Joe, Jack and Angel. This will be JoJo's 3rd and last litter. I'm NOT advertising them for sale here - this is strictly "information" only. There are just so few beagles in this area - I'm always interested in meeting other beagle owners. Good luck to your friend - Connie is right - Seattle Beagle Rescue is a good place to look in the NW. Great organization and many caring people there.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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