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I have a co-worker looking to adopt...

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A beag puppy or a young one! (Any news on one in the northwest that I might not be aware of)?! Once again the breeds demand has exeeded the limited supply! My "work safe pic" has been a hit & it would seem that the noble beagle has become as popular...(If not more so than the "lickador"!) :thumbup:
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I sure wish we had the, "demand exceeds supply," problem here in the South. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
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Hmmmm,well Beags ALWAYS seem to be in short suppy! I had to buy one from a hobby breeder here in the northwest...But Goober has exeeded my expectations & holds the record for our familys longest living beag! :thumbup: I hope that the last active breeder in Bayview is still breeding beags as Goobers breeders from Moscow have left us! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif Goober was still a puppy when he met Duke & it was as if they were "father & son" when they met! (Beagles tend to be the most friendly hounds when they meet a new dawg or person for the first time!) :thumbup:
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Same problem here in Western Canada - definitely more people wanting beagles than beagles to be wanted. Which is why the BeaglePaws rescue organization is so great - they have way more beagles needing rescuing in Newfoundland than people wanting to rescue them there, so they ship them across the country to Western Canada and find them great homes here.

Are there any organizations like that in the US that offer a similar service from the Southern US to other areas of the US where beagles are few and far between? It does seem like a good idea to me if someone hasn't done it already...
There are some rescues that send beagles from the South to other areas. SOS Beagles has people in both Tennessee and New Jersey. I know that two beagle boys from the local shelter were rescued by SOS, and then were sent to NJ where they both went to the same home. :thumbup:
I know that Cascade Beagle West has some puppies right now and Seattle Beagle Rescue has a 7 month old beagle and a 9 month old beagle.
Do you have contact info for cbw? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif I have not heard of them, but they sound like a good option! :thumbup:
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The web address is www.cascaderescue.com. From that main page just click on West. They also have an East Coast group. They have several pups and young beagles right now and it looks like several more coming in.
Thank you for the info! I will pass it on asap & hopefully we will have another beag owner/lover posting here about their hounds progress! :thumbup:
Let us know when your friend finds a puppy. Seeing all the pictures sure makes me want another.
NW are you close to Moscow, ID? I'm in Colfax - not far from there. I don't have pups at the moment - but MAY have 2 litters in the spring - just depends on how it goes. Before anyone jumps on me, I am a HOBBY breeder of dogs from great field lines. My male's parents are both IFC and he has MANY field and international field champions in his line. The female also comes from great field lines, and they produce excellent pups. I have an internet friend who is so impressed with their pedigrees that he wants to field train 2 pups for me (from this next litter). I have 3 of their "babies" - Joe, Jack and Angel. This will be JoJo's 3rd and last litter. I'm NOT advertising them for sale here - this is strictly "information" only. There are just so few beagles in this area - I'm always interested in meeting other beagle owners. Good luck to your friend - Connie is right - Seattle Beagle Rescue is a good place to look in the NW. Great organization and many caring people there.
Glenda 'n the pack /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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