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sooooo i bring snoops in to my work every day.... there is a nice patch of lawn outside that she loves... and a crappier version on the side of the building.
i saw a guy dousing her fave patch with pesticides this morning so i took her to the other one....
turns out they did that one too!!!
she was snuffing about in it like usual and chewing on some grass but didn't eat any (like she usually does!)....
is acting as happy as can be but overly hyper today and not eating much (kinda weird?).... do i have anything to worry about???
should i never take her to that grass again? ugh.

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After the grass gets a good dousing of rain, then it should be okay to take Snoopy back to that grassy area but, until then, I would stay away. In most states in the U.S. it is required that signs be posted when pesticides are used. If that is not the case where you live, you might ask whoever oversees that area what the spraying schedule is so you know when it is safe.
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