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Just to set the record straight, P&G purchased Iams only a few years ago, so any allegations before that would not be the responsibility of P&G. You really have to be careful to look to the source of your information. ANYTHING that PETA has to do with I am immediately suspect of. Just because they SAY that is where the "videa" came from, doesn't mean it is true.
I have to come clean and say that I am a former P&G employee and my husband still works there. I do not like Imas, I think it smells awful. That aside, I can tell you that P&G is all about quality and profit, and ANYTHING that does not contribute directly to profit, they simply do not do. Animal testing in any form is expensive. That taps the bottom line, so if they can eliminate that expense, they will do so, especially for such an emotionally charged subject. You can kvetch about the ingredients all you want, some of the complaints may be true, especially in the light of the last dog food recall, when many major brands had to reveal that they used the same production contract makers as the generics.
Several years ago a local petshop urged people to boycott P&G because a scrubbie they made poisoned fish. How did they find this out? Why, the internet, of course! P&G DOES NOT MAKE ANY SCRUBBIES by ANY of their companies. We also do not worship the devil, Our corporate logo is not a satanic sign, and I am sick and tired of PETA. amway, or any other group going underground and taking potshots at any company that doesn't goose step to their agenda. Criticize the product if you don't like it, thats fine. But don't believe everything you hear, especially on the internet.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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